"Michael Franti and Spearhead" komt naar Nederland

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"Michael Franti and Spearhead" komt naar Nederland

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En wat heeft dat dan met de familie Versteegt te maken zult U zich afvragen. Nou 1 van onze Amerikaanse familieleden, Michael Versteegt, is sound-engineer bij die band. Hij stuurde me onderstaande email:
hallo aat, hoe macht u het?

it has been a crazy year. my mother had a major heart surgery in september, so i went back to iowa for about 2 months to help her through it. happily, she is doing well now after a slow recovery. when i came back to california, i moved north to san francisco (a city i adore). february i went to brazil for carnaval with my then girlfriend, and now wife, Carla Callao (born May 20, 1970). the spirit of our trip and wonderful time we had together put us in the mood to turn our 6 year relationship into a marriage. our wedding was outside in san francisco on march 15.

and also very recently, i am now working for a san francisco band named Michael Franti and Spearhead as their sound engineer. the really good news is that during our upcoming tour, we are coming to Amsterdam on June 30 and doing a show at the Paradiso. evidently, the band is popular in holland... we are returning to the area in August to play the Pukkelpop festival in Hasselt, Belgium, plus a show in Biddinghuizen, Netherlands at Lowlands. i think this would be a great opportunity to finally meet some of my Dutch relatives, so if anyone is interested in coming to the show, let me know!

tot ziens!
michael versteegt
san francisco, california, usa
Uiteraard willen we Michael allereerst nog feliciteren met z'n huwelijk.
Hij wil dus graag wat Nederlandse familieleden ontmoeten als hij binnenkort hier is. Dat moet toch wel gaan lukken denk ik?
Laat maar even weten of er belangstelling is om Michael te ontmoeten.

Wat meer informatie over de band "Michael Franti and Spearhead" is op deze site te lezen.

Aat Versteegt
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Uitnodiging voor een concert op 1 juli a.s.

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Hallo allemaal,

Michael schreef me zojuist in onderstaand emailtje dat hij ons uitnodigt om als gast van hem een concert van de groep bij te wonen op 1 juli a.s. in de Lux in Nijmegen (aanvang 21.00 uur). Tevens wil hij dan van de gelegenheid gebruik maken om wat nederlandse familieleden te ontmoeten. Helaas ben ikzelf verhinderd, maar hoop dat enkele van de andere familieleden wel deze kans kunnen benutten.
Er zijn 4 plaatsen beschikbaar, dus als iemand interesse heeft kun je een emailtje sturen naar michaelvsound@attbi.com

Hierbij de tekst van zijn email:
hi aat
the tour has been very busy and exhausting, but fun at the same time. the paradiso in amsterdam is sold out, so maybe just as well that no family members come to that one. but we also have a show at Lux in nijmegen on july 1. 9 pm show. it should be no problem to put someone on the guest list... so anyone who
wants to go (at most 4 people), should let me know to put their name on the list... hope to see a few versteegts there!
Aat Versteegt
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Verslag van de tour

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Hallo allemaal,

Ik kreeg zojuist van Michael een verslag van de tour waar hij momenteel mee bezig is. Die wil ik jullie niet onthouden natuurlijk. Hier zijn relaas:
hi all
off the road for a couple days from doing sound for the michael franti and
spearhead tour. pretty hectic schedule, with little time to rest. here's a
short re-cap..

day one: bonnaroo festival in manchester, tennessee
ran into lars fredriksen from Rancid at the airport.. did a couple gigs with
him at house of blues...
good turn out, played before dr. john's set. went to see james brown and the
grateful dead after our gig. pretty wild looking out at a crowd of about
100,000 (no joke!) (that was for the dead, not for our gig!)

birmingham, uk - academy 2
sold out. hung out with grizzly, the drummer from the reggae band Steel
Pulse. said it was the best sounding show he had heard there (aw shucks!)

london, uk - royal festival hall - lee "scratch" perry's meltdown festival
sold out crowd of 3000! shared the bill with Sun Ra Arkestra and DJ Spooky,
who joined the band. kinda neat doing a sold out gig at a place with such a
day off::: wandered around london... our hotel was next to the thames river in
Southwark (pronounced: suthuk). wandered around piccadilly circus, charring
cross, trafalgar square. dave, the guitarist, suggested seeing a former
spearhead soundguy at a club... turns out i knew the guy since he was the
monitor guy for Motorhead. PLUS the band playing at the club that night was an
orange county band who Casey, a guy i used to work with at House of Blues, was
doing sound for. small world! hung out a little with him.. rode the London
Eye, a huge ferris wheel next to the Thames....

next gig: king tut's, glasgow, scotland
beautiful rolling hills... like to come back some time. all the people were
super nice and funny.

next gig: the village, dublin, ireland
took the ferry across to ireland at liverpool. hung out with my old friend
Steve from boston, who moved back to ireland a couple years ago. another cool
city i want to come back to.

next day: travel to brighton, uk
took forever to get there. our nice dutch bus driver, toon, had a bus that was
just too slow. shame to spend our day off driving. when we finally got there,
hung out with my brazilian friend from san francisco, anna, who now has a thick
south english accent and vocabulary. stayed overnight at her and her husband's
place. had a gig next day, which they came to. sold out gig at a cool little
club called the concorde 2, right on the seashore.

next gig: paris, france. Le Zenith, opening for Tricky
drove overnight to paris.. stayed up long enough to see the bus drive into the
huge train that took us through the england-france train tunnel. awesome. the
gig was in a large arena for 10,000. the local crew seemed to appreciate me
trying to speak french... phoned my friend from san francisco, vivian, who is
living in france, but never got a chance to hang out.

next gig: dijon, france Tribu festival
yesterday, the local crew were threatening a nationwide strike, and today it
happened. while we were loading in and doing sound check, the crew started to
disappear. and by the time we returned to do the show, all the microphones
were taken and sound equipment was shut off, with the workers picketing in
front of the club. a real shame, since many people came from FAR away to see
the show... would have been a cool festival, one band was from Brazil, and
another from Mali.. we ended up doing a little acoustic show for 4 hours in
the backyard, which was a lot of fun in the end.

next gig: St. Gallen open air festival, Switzerland
huge outdoor festival, great crowd. hung out with more friends from San Fran,
Kaspar and Julia.

Munich, Germany - Muffathalle
first gig with a bad turnout (it was sunday). venue was neat, built on top of
an old mill. they had a great beer garden, serving steins of beer the size of
a pitcher!

Amsterdam, Holland - Paradiso
totally sold out show, with tons of people outside trying to get in. hoping to
see some relatives here, but that didn't happen. the whole 3 1/2 hour show is
on the net at http://www.fabchannel.com click on "michael franti 2003" on the
right side of the page.

Nijmegen, Holland - Lux
neat club in a movie theater complex. sold out again! still didn't see any
relatives, which was a bummer.

Macon, France- day off

torino (turin), italy
day off... stayed up while we drove through the alps, which was awesome. ran
around turin, really old buildings, beautiful old churches, and the ice cream
here rocks! did a festival the next day in an arena....

flew back to california, next day had a gig in the Sierras, which was beautiful.
off to canada next by way of NYC... our bus driver showed up 3 hours late,
keeping us in limbo at JFK airport. finally picked us up, drove thru the
night. when we woke up, found out he had driven 2 hours in the wrong
direction. finally get back on course, try to cross border, but driver is a 3
time felon, who they are not going to let across. festival sends a bus to pick
us up from ottawa, and we make the gig just in time.

company sends another driver, but he also has a record, so we end up taking a
passenger bus to Quebec City. cool town. fly to toronto the next morning, had
a great gig there. then off to gathering of the vibes, a deadhead festival in
upstate new york... last gig was at Woodstock, in a little open air playhouse.
neat location....

tomorrow, off to vancouver for a few gigs, then Japan for Fuji Rock Fest! back
here for Reggae on the River, then Australia and New Zealand, where i guess
they are pretty big (top 10)....

lot of work, but lot of fun too!
more later
michael versteegt
Eind augustus is Michael weer in Nederland om op het Lowlands-festival in Biddinghuizen met de groep op te treden. Ikzelf hoop hem daar dan ook te kunnen ontmoeten, maar wellicht zijn er meer familieleden die dat ook willen? Laat maar even weten.

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Lowlands en Uitmarkt

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Hallo allemaal,

Michael laat ons weten dat hij eind augustus, om precies te zijn vrijdag de 29e ook op de Uitmarkt in Amsterdam met de band aanwezig is. Misschien wel het meest ideale moment om hem eens te ontmoeten dus.
Verder zal de band op zondag 31-8 om 14.45 uur optreden op het Lowlands-festival in Biddinghuizen.
Hier zijn emailtje die hij me schreef:
hi aat
hoe maakt u het?
just returned from doing fuji rock festival in japan with michael franti and
spearhead, which was uitstekend!

also found out that in addition to the lowlands festival in biddinghuizen, we
will also be playing at the uitmarket festival in amsterdam on friday 29
august. pass the word and see if anyone would like to go... i can put them on
the guestlist! i may also be in amsterdam 26 and 27 august, hopefully with
the day off, but not sure.. will let you know when i know!

see ya
michael versteegt
Ik denk dat het nu dus echt wel moet lukken om een ontmoeting tussen hem en andere familieleden tot stand te brengen.