Welcome on www.versteegt.net

Today we have a Birthday in our family. Bill Versteegt who reaches the age of 70 years today. Happy Birthday to you, from all other family members and many Happy Returns.

On this Site you'll find all kinds of information about the Ver Steegt / Versteegt family.

The purpose of the site is to give information about the family history, the family-relations and to offer a new way of communication between all the different family members. The site-manager is Aat Versteegt.

Thanks to the cooperation of Henk Versteegt in September 2001 a large amount of information about the family history and the family tree became available. The results can be seen at the  genealogy page. 

The Family Crest you see is used in a part of the family. Thanks to Rob and Rene Versteegt who had a picture of it. Soon we hope to be able to give more information about the history of the Crest.

To keep informed about all the new information on the site it's best to occasionally take a look on the  "New on the Site" page.

The picture you see in the background of this page is a peat-barge. My grandfather (Johannes born in 1900) was a peat salesman. Other ancestors of ours worked in the fuel trade and inland navigation. That's why I used this picture.  

You can use the Guestbook to let me know what you think of the family-site. It's possible to read and write in it. I would appreciate getting feedback. As a site visitor please do not hesitate to let me know your opinions of the site. Don't let the Dutch words in the guestbook keep you from using it.

To expand the mutual communication between the visitors of this site there is also a Bulletin Board available. Please take advantage of this opportunity to ask or inform us about anything you think is important.

My e-mail address is Aat@Versteegt.net. In case of questions or additions to our family tree you can send me an email.